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Re: Trying to set up cvs + ssh + mac client

From: Rob Helmer
Subject: Re: Trying to set up cvs + ssh + mac client
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 13:38:41 -0800
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Hello Matt,

I run a pserver on the loopback interface of my CVS server
and I have a Mac developer SSH tunneling to it while
everyone else uses CVS_RSH=ssh1 

I don't know know of any other way to do it, but this
way seems to work quite well.

Rob Helmer

On Tue, Feb 06, 2001 at 10:33:24AM -0800, Matt Munz wrote:
> Hi All.
>     Feel free to rtfm me on this.  I'd be happy to read a manual that 
> *clearly* addresses this issue.  If you know about one, please let me know.
>     I am connecting to my cvs server just fine with my win2k boxes running 
> ssh1 clients.  I'm *not* using tunneling for this.  Cvs thinks it's using rsh 
> via :ext:, and I have $CVS_RSH set to ssh.  But before I started patting 
> myself on the back, I realized I needed to do the same thing on a Mac.  Not 
> being as familiar with macs as I'd like to be, I went looking for notes on 
> the web, without much success.  Now I'm here looking for solutions to the 
> problem -- I'm trying to avoid hacks and "quick-fixes".
>     I'd prefer to have a command-line type of client that connects to the 
> server in the same way that my win2k boxes do.  I'd also prefer to use only 
> free software that installs relatively easily.  Do you know of a cvs client + 
> ssh client that fits this description?
>     Back in the real world, any answers to the following questions would help 
> a lot...
>     Is there a command-line cvs client for mac?
>     Can a mac connect to a cvs server using ssh w/o using port tunneling?
>     If absolutely necessary, how can I set up a tunnel easily, both on the 
> server (OpenBSD/Unix), and the client?
>     Thanks for any help/advice you might have.
>     - Matt Munz
>       address@hidden  

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