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Re: filename,t and Attic

From: Cheryl Tipple
Subject: Re: filename,t and Attic
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 10:06:03 -0600

THANKS for the info!!

It is true I have been working on a branch, but why, if that is the
case, did it not do it to all then?  It was working fine for sometime,
then, what appears to be no reason, started sending them to the

"Mr. Aldo D. Longhi" wrote:

> I'm no expert, but I believe that files "add"ed on a
> branch go into the Attic automatically because they do
> not exist on the "main" branch.  I had some trouble
> with this myself, and maybe one of the gurus can
> explain it better to both of us...
> (I understand the "why" - I'm just not sure of the
> "right" way to deal with it.)


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