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CVS on NT via SSH: cannot connect to server [HELP]

From: Chris Chambers
Subject: CVS on NT via SSH: cannot connect to server [HELP]
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 16:18:29 -0800


I have managed to make this work for an NT machine and a win98 machine, but
not for a second NT machine.

The specifics:

CVS client 1.10.5 (also tried 1.10.3)

I have SSH set up and working great.

I try to do a "cvs checkout CVSROOT", and the box hangs for a long time and
finally comes back with

"cannot connect to server [socket timed out]"

My CVS_RSH is set to c:\cvs\ssh.exe

I have compared the setup very closely with the environment variables on my
working NT and 98 boxes, and it's identical.

I have seen posts about this problem before but no solutions. One suggestion
has been that some cvs client builds on NT ignore the CVS_RSH environement
variable. But I haven't heard of explanations for why one NT machine would
work with the software and another wouldn't.

Chris Chambers

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