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import. Did not import Makefiles

From: Worik Macky Turei Stanton
Subject: import. Did not import Makefiles
Date: 05 Feb 2001 14:31:27 +1300
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I am new to CVS and I am working from the texinfo documentation I got
with my debian package of CVS.

After I have initialised my system (established a cvsroot and run cvs
init) I imported one of my src directories with...

cvs import -m "my_proj" worik/my_proj worik start

When I ran 'cvs checkout worik' I found that I could not build my
source because the make files where not imported and hence not checked

What is going on?

                     Worik Macky Turei Stanton
     This line would have seven words if only it had six words less.

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