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wincvs setup ideosyncrasies

From: jderyck
Subject: wincvs setup ideosyncrasies
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 11:41:47 -1000


I'm new at this WinCVS stuff. Last week I set up a CVSNT server 
on a win2k box. I also installed the wincvs client on a couiple 

The clients are 1.1b17, the server 1.10.8

I was able to successfully import one project, and then check it out 
from one of the clients. There are a few things I'm puzzled about.

The clients are WIN98 workstations. Using pserver mode, the docs 
seem to indicate that you need to set up a password file, and 
assign users passwords. I didn't do this, but was still able to 
access the repository using my domain pasword. Is this correct 
behavior? The server does refuse the connection if I leave the 
pasword blank.

Also, after checkout, the version number on the checkout files 
reads  Is this correct?

My apologies in advance if these are naive questions, my 
experience with this stuff is virtually non-existent.

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