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Re: Too Frequently Asked Question of info-cvs mailing list

From: Alexey Mahotkin
Subject: Re: Too Frequently Asked Question of info-cvs mailing list
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 02:07:41 +0300 (MSK)

I'm answering to both of you :)

>>>>> "LS" == Laine Stump <address@hidden> writes:

LS> I've taken Jerry Nairn's script, which you have on your
LS> website, and enhanced it quite a bit. It is now available at


>>>>> "CH" == Curt Hagenlocher <address@hidden> writes:

CH> I have made some important fixes to vss2rcs.js.  You can get a
CH> newer version for your web site at


I have updated the faq entry and it now looks like this:

Q: I have a large MS Visual SourceSafe repository.  How could I
convert it to use it from CVS?

A: There are two different scripts for that purpose:

Laine Stump <laine+info-cvs(at)> has taken scripts originally
written in Perl by Jerry Nairn <jnairn(at)>, and enhanced
it quite a bit.  The result is available at:

Curt Hagenlocher <curt(at)> has written in JavaScript
another script, which is available at:


I will also delete the directory with my collection from server, to
get rid of any confusion (Heiko Nardmann's tool appeared to just list
files in VSS repository).

I will also unregister my "project" vss-to-cvs at  Laine, Curt, please, take a time to register
your scripts at, to ease searching.

Thank you! 


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