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Re[2]: "Concurrent" VS...

From: James Lyon
Subject: Re[2]: "Concurrent" VS...
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 15:15:16 +0000

NLY> I think the problem any VC system is supposed to solve is to
NLY> prevent multiple people from editing the same file at the same
NLY> time. CVS does this. Instead, people edit different copies of the
NLY> same file at the same time. The first person to checkin succeeds.
NLY> CVS will prevent checkins by others and will display a message
NLY> saying that they'll have to perform a merge (via cvs update).

Thanks for the information ... I've only dipped-into docs so far and
had found nothing obvious before I got really heavily committed to the
installation! I shall use the reserved approach I suspect, and improve
our management so we have the faintest idea who's editing whose files!


NLY> To:   address@hidden
NLY> cc:   (bcc: Noel L Yap)
NLY> Subject:  "Concurrent" VS...

NLY> Requiring Version Control, I have installed CVS for evaluation. (I
NLY> have used SCCS in the past but systems are different here now.)

NLY> One of my principal reasons for using a VC system is to avoid the
NLY> version discrepancies that arise from two separate developers
NLY> inadvertently editing the same file at the same time.

NLY> Have I selected the wrong VC system?

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