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Re: Terminated with fatal signal 11

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Terminated with fatal signal 11
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 12:04:30 -0500 (EST)

Laurent Duperval writes:
> cvs server: Updating Sources/Test/mikmod
> Terminated with fatal signal 11

Signal 11 is SIGSEGV (Segmentation violation), which means you probably
ran out of (virtual) memory, although CVS should detect that and report
it nicely instead of crashing -- are you running the latest release
(1.11)?  Ask the server administrators to increase the limit on the
maximum amount of virtual memory a process is allowed to use for the CVS
server, if any, and increase the amount of swap space on the machine if
required.  CVS frequently reads entire RCS files into memory, so if
you're in the habit of storing multiple versions of large binary files
in the repository, your memory requirements can be very large.

-Larry Jones

I think we need to change the rules. -- Calvin

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