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RE: Problems with CVS version 1.10.8 on Windows 2000

From: Reinstein, Shlomo
Subject: RE: Problems with CVS version 1.10.8 on Windows 2000
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 06:35:28 -0800

I'm sorry, you must have skipped my reply to Larry. I tried (even before I
posted the first message about this problem! ) to use forward slashes (the
very same command-line that you wrote here), but it doesn't work either. I
get the following:

        cvs [checkout aborted]: CVSROOT z:/iil/iswp/data/apt/ISIS/repository
must be an absolute pathname

So whether I use forward slashes or backward slashes, it doesn't work - I
get the above message. And again, version 1.10.7 of CVS works fine with
back-slashes, but 1.10.8 doesn't work with any (forward or backward)

Can this message be the result of some problem in environment variables? Can
it be that there's some environment variable that CVS uses and is not
defined properly, and CVS just gives me the above message for something
which is not related to the CVSROOT path?


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Subject: Re: Problems with CVS version 1.10.8 on Windows 2000

Please reread Larry's original response and follow his advice (always
use forward slashes in pathnames given to CVS). This:

   cvs -d :local:z:/iil/iswp/data/apt/ISIS/repository co trycvs

should work just fine. The : after z will not be confused by CVS as a
field separator.

P.S. - even in MS' own software, "\\z\" is *NOT* equivalent to
"z:\". The former describes a *machine*, and the latter describes a
*disk* mounted (either locally or remotely) on the local machine.

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