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cvs tag - rename error

From: Howard Zhou
Subject: cvs tag - rename error
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 00:32:47 -0800

Hi, All,

I tried to tag a module and got the following error.
I have a couple of question in regards to this error.

1) What is ,foo.txt file?
2) How does cvs tag work? - move ,foo.txt to foo.txt,v?
3) How do I fix this problem?



> Here are some CVS error messages for you to review,
> >cvs tag v08 gui
> cvs tag: Tagging gui
> T gui/.directory
> cvs tag: Tagging gui/common
> T gui/common/
> T gui/common/
> T gui/common/
> cvs [tag aborted]: cannot rename file
> file://harvester/sw/cvsroot/mgmt/gui/common/,, to
> file://harvester/sw/cvsroot/mgmt/gui/common/,v: File
> C:\nexsi\mgmt\gui>cvs tag v08 logview
> cvs tag: Tagging logview
> cvs [tag aborted]: cannot rename file
> file://harvester/sw/cvsroot/mgmt/gui/logview/,, to
> file://harvester/sw/cvsroot/mgmt/gui/logview/,v: File exists
> C:\nexsi\mgmt\gui>tag statusview
> C:\nexsi\mgmt\gui>cvs tag v08 statusview
> cvs tag: Tagging statusview
> cvs [tag aborted]: cannot rename file
> file://harvester/sw/cvsroot/mgmt/gui/statusview/,, to
> file://harvester/sw/cvsroot/mgmt/gui/statusview/,v: File
> C:\nexsi\mgmt\gui>

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