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RE: cvs bugzilla

From: Robert Pollak
Subject: RE: cvs bugzilla
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 08:47:50 +0100

I said
> > I think it would be a very good idea for cvs development
> > and users to have a bugzilla, e.g. at
> > .

and Alex Holst [mailto:address@hidden answered
> Don't jump on bugzilla, but find one that will suit your needs.

Yes, Alex is right. I used the term 'bugzilla', but I meant 'bug tracking
system that provides some of bugzilla's functionality'.
SourceForge should also be a candidate, but I think it is not as easy to use
(but it is much easier to set up! Simply create a new SourceForge project).
What I like most about bugzilla is the ability to attach files (patches,
test examples, log files) to a bug entry.

I have not worked with the other one Alex mentions, GNATS, yet.

Where is address@hidden archived, btw.? I could not find a link to it from I did not even know it existed before I read
Stephen Rasku's mail.

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