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CVS on a solaris box with ACLs

From: Sam Roberts
Subject: CVS on a solaris box with ACLs
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 12:53:14 -0500
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Is anybody running a cvs server from a solaris box and attempting
to use ACLs?

Some people around here are insisting that ACLs are necessary, however
it appears that they don't interact well with chmod(). Calling chmod()
has the affect of masking out the ACLs.

I'm thinking of hacking CVS to propogate ACLs from the old archive/,v
file to the new one during commits, which seems like it will be
straight forward, but wanted to see if there were any existing patches
around to do this already, or if anybody had any thoughts on other
ways to deal with ACLs.

Any suggestions?


p.s. Is cvs-devel not an open list? I got an automated message saying
my attempt to subscribe had to be reviewed by a person.

Sam Roberts <address@hidden>

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