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Re: Add/Import and directory perms...

From: Anders Knudsen
Subject: Re: Add/Import and directory perms...
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 12:27:25 -0700

OK. I *have* been using "chmod g+s". Yes that does work.
However, from "man xinetd.conf"

group determines the gid for the server process. The group name must exist in /etc/group. If a group is not specified, the group of user will be used (from /etc/passwd). This attribute is ineffective if the effective user ID of
                        xinetd is not super-user.
</quote> my cvspserver file, I do specify "group = cvsroot".
Should CVS not then take on that group and thus create directories (or files for that matter) using this group id? Perhaps I should take this up on the developer list. It seems like CVS should honor the settings that xinetd (or inetd) sets. I could be wrong though. :)


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