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RE: please help, cvs problem

From: Jerry Nairn
Subject: RE: please help, cvs problem
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 13:49:50 -0800

In the archives of the info-cvs list is an email from address@hidden
describing how to set this up, and there's a reply from
address@hidden with an additional suggestion.

Use something like this:
service cvspserver
        socket_type     = stream
        wait            = no
        user            = root
        env             = HOME=/home/pamirian/cvsroot
        server  = /usr/bin/cvs
        server_args     = -f --allow-root=/home/pamirian/cvsroot pserver

> From: Patrick Amirian [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 9:39 PM

> my fault, consider pamirian being patrick
> there is no problem with my directories... I'm not sure but 
> it seems to 
> be some kind of a permission problem when it's trying to access the 
> /root/.cvsignore file ... why root tho ? is it because cvs is 
> running as 
> root ?

Partly, but mainly because if HOME is set, cvs tries to read ${HOME}/.cvsrc
immediately when it starts, unless you run "cvs -f ...."


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