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Re: Question on disabling automatic merges

From: Rex_Jolliff
Subject: Re: Question on disabling automatic merges
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 08:55:54 -0800

If you mean that you want to stop a developer from taking an old copy of a file
and checking
it in over the top of the current version of the file, there is a set of scripts
in contrib directory that
will facilitate this.  They will require you to have $Id$ markers at the top of
every file though, and
it would still be possible for developers to fool the scripts, just not easy.


Teala Spitzbarth <address@hidden> on 01/24/2001 04:09:40 PM

 To:      address@hidden                                    
 cc:      (bcc: Rex Jolliff/YM/RWDOE)                         
 Subject: Question on disabling automatic merges              

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Hi Folks,

Is there anyway to disable the automatic merge on checkin under CVS?
I.e. to force that if a developer tries to checkin a file from a working
copy that is outdated - they get an error message?

I can see that if you admin files with the -m option, it will be disabled,
but this requires some overhead.  I was just wondering if I was missing an
easier configuration option.

Thanks much,

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