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MT response and update -p command

From: Milos Kleint
Subject: MT response and update -p command
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 15:17:23 +0100


I'm developing (together with Robert Greig and Thomas Singer) a cvs client
library in Java for use with Netbeans - see and

Lately we encontered something I personally consider a bug of cvs or at
least confusing.
Currently our library doesn't support the MT response. We support M, E which
should be enough.. So we don't send  the MT in valid-responses request.
It actually works fine all the time, except one case. when doing update -p
<file> or checkout -p <file>
If the file doesn't end with a new-line, then the final line of the source
is discarded. While debugging this behaviour and by comparing our
client-server communication and the cvs.exe one, I realized  the the final
line is sent (as opposed to the rest of the file) with the MT response.
And because we don't support it, the server decided to send nothing to us.
I'm aware of the fact that it "hack" is used to set the right new-lining to
the file being sent however IMHO it should at least send the wrong M

Is this really a bug or do we have to support the MT response? Where to fill
this bug? Is there any list of required responses and requests? I couldn't
find anything like that in the Cvs client/server document.. Is there a more
in-depth description of the MT response somewhere?

Thanks a lot for your replies and advice.

Milos Kleint

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