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Converting binary files to text

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Converting binary files to text
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 12:13:30 -0800

Our repository currently contains some files that are in a binary format, tagged with the "-kb" option.  We now have the ability (and desire) to convert them to a text format so we can get the most out of CVS.
So the question I have is, how do I convert the files to text and remove the "-kb" option, while minimizing the impact on developers that already have those files checked out?  Will CVS handle this automatically -- effectively removing the binary files and replacing them with text files during a normal "cvs update"?  Or will I have to tell the developers to first delete the files and THEN do an update?  If the latter will be required, can I prevent developers from doing updates while the conversion takes place?
- Dennis

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