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Re: cvs and ldap

From: Alexey Mahotkin
Subject: Re: cvs and ldap
Date: 22 Jan 2001 12:40:01 +0300

>>>>> "DR" == Dirk Ruediger <address@hidden> writes:

DR> if there is an according ldap-entry and update the passwd-entry.  If a
DR> user wants to become a "member" of an repository, then the same script
DR> creates an entry in CVSROOT/passwd and from that moment on it will be
DR> updated too.  Any users without an matching ldap entry will stay
DR> unmodified.

DR> Not so good, but my best idea so far (without hacking any cvs code ;-).

And if you are going to hack, then better create an authenticator for

I've did all the dirty work for you :) 


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