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Re: Graphical CVS branches analizer

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Graphical CVS branches analizer
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 15:49:18 -0500

Luciano Baretta Mandryk wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anybody know of a tool that analizes CVS logs and builds a graphical
> representation of a project's "branch tree"? If not, I'd like to start writing
> one, because it seems to be a very useful tool when you have to maintain a
> very large project. What do you guys think of that?

WinCVS does something like that for single files.  It has siblings gCVS and
MacCVS too, though I don't know how functional they are.  There should be more
information on .

TkCVS might do something similar, but I don't know.

'course, if you wanted to write a more general tool that analyzed an entire
project and drew a picture, I'd use it.  :)  The problem with a repository
analyzer is that not every branch is in every file, but you should be able to
toss out bad branches intelligently and come up with something usable.


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