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Soft link bug? Or send me to rtfm

From: Tom Morrisette
Subject: Soft link bug? Or send me to rtfm
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 20:36:21 -0000
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I want to use cvs for version control management 
of a distributed production system with numerous
identically configured servers.  The systems have
sctripts, binary executables, and soft links.  The SA's
installed version 110 of cvs on Solaris for me.

I set PreservePermissions in config to track soft links.

My problem is that whenever a soft link changes to point 
to a new file, cvs can no longer process the directory.  For 
example, running

            cvs -n update

in the directory causes a core dump and leaves locks set.

If I'm misunderstanding something I should know, please refer 
me to the appropriate manual.  I have read Per Cederqvist's
"Version Management with CVS for cvs 1.10, and studied page 
75 in particular.

Could this be the result of a missing or incorrect  installation or 
initialization option?

Thanks for any assistance you can give me,

Tom Morrisette

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