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Some Success Installing Branch Locking Patches

From: Chuck . Irvine
Subject: Some Success Installing Branch Locking Patches
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 15:48:34 -0600

Hi John, 

I had some success with the branch locking patches, but there were a 
few glitches also. They were:

1. I couldn't get the patch to accept the combined patch file I 
downloaded. My use of patch is limited to invoking "patch < 
patch-file", and that wouldn't work. I got past this problem by pulling 
data out of the "big" patch file and creating a separate one for each 
file to be patched. I'll attach the original, combined patch file. 
There is probably some magic I don't know regarding patch.

2. The next problem was that most of "hunks" failed to patch for 
cvs.texinfo. I don't know of anyway around this problem because I know 
next to nothing about texinfo files. So, now I am afraid that even 
though I have your patches installed, I'll have a difficult time 
figuring out how to use them. In hopes that you'll help, I'll attach 
the original, patch, and reject files. Perhaps you could just send me 
your files. God, I'm shameless. Sorry.

3. One hunk of mkmodules.c failed to patch. I fixed the file up by hand 
as best I could. It looked like the patch was to a documentation string 
of some sort. Again, patch, orig, and reject files attached.

4. Lastly, even though parseinfo.c seemed to patch successfully, the 
patched file broke the build. There was an extra "else {" inserted. I 
also fixed this file by hand. Hope I got the logic right. For this, 
I've attached patch, orig, and my hand modified version.

After all of that, I was able to get the build to finish successfully. 
Now, I'll start trying to test it but going might be slow since I have 
to try to read the texinfo patch file.

All of this being said, I guess I am back to hoping you will be good 
enough to generate 1.11 patches and repost them to the mailing list 
and/or renegade cvs. I would be super if we could talk the maintainers 
into including your functionality into their official releases.

Many thanks.


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