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Building CVS with CygWin -- very LARGE executable...

From: А . Л .
Subject: Building CVS with CygWin -- very LARGE executable...
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 20:48:48 +0300

I built CVS for Win32 with CygWin like "UNIX":
   ./configure --disable-server 
   make install
but... The size of CVS.EXE is very large now -- about 1,8 Mb :(
I don't use Microsoft VC++, but i know guy, who does.
When building with VC the size of .exe is something about 630 Kb!!! and it doesn't use cygwin1.dll, of course.
What is the matter?
Is there is something that i don't know about the cygwin (gcc) and autoconf utility
(i began to use all these not long ago, but i LIKE IT and want to use it, including GNU ports for embedded applications programming etc).
May be somebody can explain me the thing, or give some advice...
Thank you forward.
Best regards, Alexei Lyubimov

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