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Re: diff with -D does nothing...

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: diff with -D does nothing...
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 15:34:05 -0500 (EST)

rjd writes:
> CVS version 1.10.7

You really ought to upgrade (

> CVS log shows revision 1.1.4 on 2000-05-10 and 1.1.5 on 2000-05-15 
> for file "filename".
> I entered  cvs diff -D2000-05-10 -D2000-05-15 filename
> CVS showed nothing.
> I entered cvs diff -r1.1.4 -r1.1.5 filename
> CVS showed differences.
> Ought not the two commands show the same output?

Not necessarily.  The dates and times in the CVS log are in UTC, dates
and times you input (e.g., in -D) are in local time by default.  Also,
entering just a date implies the time 00:00:00, so revision 1.1.5
probably hadn't happened yet.  So, you want something more like:

        cvs diff -D'2000-05-10 UTC' -D'2000-05-15 23:59:59 UTC' filename

        cvs diff -D'2000-05-10 UTC' -D'2000-05-16 UTC' filename

-Larry Jones

Any game without push-ups, hits, burns or noogies is a sissy game. -- Calvin

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