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Cannot commit file changes (client/server)

From: samuel . lieber
Subject: Cannot commit file changes (client/server)
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 20:12:27 -0000
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I am having the exact same problem.  I am running a WinCVS client 
trying to commit changes to a UNIX CVS server.  I can check files out, 
but I cannot commit due to the error below.  This seems like a pretty 
common configuration - has there been any resolution to this issue?  I 
have tried setting CVSEDITOR/EDITOR/VISUAL on both the server and 
client to no avail.  

Any help would be appreciated.


                Liat Atsmon wrote:

                > C:\cvshome\orek>cvs commit
                > CVS.EXE commit: Examining .
                > I don't know what kind of terminal you are on - all 
                > have is 'unknown'.


                Until you get a better answer from a CVS guru, here's 
my guess as a Unix

                The problem is that CVS was designed originally for 
Unix systems and use
                a Unix model, which you'll have to emulate.  You'll 
probably need to set
                the terminal type.  I don't know what the terminal 
type of an msdos
                system is, but I'd try "ansi."  Type "set TERM=ansi" 
once at the
                Windows/DOS prompt if you'll be running any cvs 
commands which require
                full-screen editing (e.g. commit).

                > [Using open mode]
                > "/tmp/cvsAAAaaenia" 25 lines, 687 characters
                > cvs server: warning: editor session failed
                > TITLE:
                > Log message unchanged or not specified
                > a>bort, c>ontinue, e>dit, !>reuse this message 
                > for remaining dirs
                > cvs server: cannot read from stdin: No such file or 
                > cvs [server aborted]: aborting
                > Action: < continue >
                > CVS.EXE commit: saving log message in 

                More Unixlike junk.  This I can't really help with.



                =========  Avi Green :) (:  =========
                ========     Unix S/A & System Specialist     ========
                ========  avi at   212 217-1147  ======== 

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