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CVS and traditional source control

From: alan . weston
Subject: CVS and traditional source control
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 17:12:51 -0000
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Hello,   I'm completely new to CVS and versioning so please be nice. 
How does one use CVS whilst maintaining the advantages of the more 
traditional approach of migrating code from a development environment 
once unit tested to a test environment for system and cycle testing 
and ultimatley to a release environment for actually using? My 
concern is about losing control of what goes into test and release 
and when it goes in there.     As I've confessed this is all a bit 
new to me so I apologise if the question is, as I suspect, missing 
the point of versioning, if so please enlighten me. Many thanks in 
advance for your time.

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