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CVS with NATURAL and Coldfusion

From: Nigel Roberts
Subject: CVS with NATURAL and Coldfusion
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 17:30:56 -0000

We are a development shop running ADABAS NATURAL on UNIX servers and
multiple PC (under Windows 98 and NT).

We have a requirement for a Version Control system - preferably running
under UNIX that can control and track:
* Natural source/object and library structures on UNIX and PCs;
* Deal with Coldfusion modules;
* Track middleware items (IIS, Entire Broker elements, etc.)

An important requirement is ease of use and availability to all (developers,
DBAs, and administrators).

Has anyone used CVS to 'manage' NATURAL and Coldfusion program objects ?


Nigel Roberts
DataTrue Group

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