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Re: Locking files with CVS

From: irina sturm
Subject: Re: Locking files with CVS
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 17:08:20 +0100

STURM_Irina/address@hidden wrote:
> Hi,
> We are about to start using CVS
> on a project and we'd like to
> know how locking files works with
> it?
> I've seen there is the possibility
> to lock files through cvs admin, but
> I wonder how it really works? Has
> anybody already used it?
> Thanks,
> Irina.

I think my question is somehow general.

I've been trying some commands using 
cvs admin and I think I can make my
question a bit more particular.

I manage to execute
        cvs admin -lrev file

with rev a numeric number for a revision
(or a branch). However, whenever I am
using a symbolic tag for the same revision
(or branch) it doesn't work anymore.
It seems to me that cvs admin is just
looking for the "revision" word in the
corresponding file,v, and not the symbolic

Is there a means to make it work?

A solution which works is to go into
the repository and execute 

        rcs -lsym_tag_rev file

but I don't know if this is

Also, is there a way of executing
the above rcs command on a directory
(without doing rcs for every file)?


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