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Re: Any tools(or scripts) help to create release (change) report fromcvs

From: Robert Bresner
Subject: Re: Any tools(or scripts) help to create release (change) report fromcvs logs or history ? (fwd)
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 17:51:14 -0600

Howdy --

I posted a script on Tuesday for someone else who was asking
for the same thing.

I can send it to you again if you need it. (Look for cvdiff in subject)

Jin Zhao wrote:
> First ask a invoice question:
> How do those guys create release change report for their projects today?
> The project manager need remember everything or go back to track
> tremendous amount of cvs logs messages ?
> Anybody has idea of generating a change report between two major release
> from cvs logs or history database ?
> Maybe a script can do this from given tag name or revision, load related
> infomation from cvs logs, generated a user friendly list of such
> information. Users can edit release change report based on that.
> It might also be better if user name can also be an argument, so that
> each developer may create his own release change report to the same
> project,and the final release report will built on these indiviula
> reports.
> Thanks a lot,
> Jin
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