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Re: cvs pserver performance

From: Donald Sharp
Subject: Re: cvs pserver performance
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 08:20:11 -0500
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On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 05:07:33PM -0500, Larry Jones wrote:
> Donald Sharp writes:
> > 
> > That's not necessarily true, there is not necessarily a need 
> > to do it this way.  Sockets form tuples( client ip, client port,
> > server ip/port )of information that provide information to the kernel 
> > where to route the incoming and outgoing packets.  inetd in this
> > case is managing the incoming data and sending the information to
> > the correct cvs process.
> You just contradicted yourself.  It is, in fact, the kernel that routes
> network packets to the correct socket.  All inetd does is listen for
> conections, accept them, and then hand them off to a server.  Accepting
> a connection creates a brand new socket which inetd gives to the server
> as it's stdin, stdout, and stderr and then closes (the server keeps it
> open, of course).  After that, it's completely out of the loop; the
> kernel delivers data to the socket and the server processes it without
> any involvement by inetd at all.

No I didn't contradict myself.  Perhaps I didn't fully explain...
The kernel routes the socket data to inetd.  inetd manages the incoming
and outgoing data from the sockets to different processes stdin and stdout.

> > remember directory contention via lock files could also be significantly
> > slowing down updates as well.  Especially over such a large repository.
> If everyone is doing update, they're read locks which are sharable, so
> there shouldn't be any significant contention.
> -Larry Jones
> I wonder what's on TV now. -- Calvin

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