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RE: Question about the command-line for committing

From: Reinstein, Shlomo
Subject: RE: Question about the command-line for committing
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 01:40:13 -0800


Thanks, but (I think) this is not what I need. You see, I need *the same*
"commit" command to commit files from several directories, and give a
different log message for each directory. The scripts that I run using the
"loginfo" and "commitinfo" files collect information about the commit as it
goes from directory to directory (and store the information in temporary
files), and when the last directory has been committed, it processes the
collected information, then deletes the temporary files. For this reason, I
would like the same commit command to be able to commit several directories
with different log messages.


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Subject: Re: Question about the command-line for committing


You can specify a path/filename as well.

cvs commit -m "this dir is cool" cooldir/
cvs commit -m "this file is not cool" notcool/notcool.c

On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 01:06:04AM -0800, Reinstein, Shlomo wrote:
> Hi,
> The "commit" command of CVS has an option, "-m", for specifying a log
> message on the command-line instead of interactively using an editor. But
> what happens when the commit is recursive and there are files in other
> directories that will be committed? Is there a way to specify (on the
> command-line) different log messages for different directories?
> While this question seems to be irrelevant (why would a user want to
> different log messages to different directories through the
> I am interested in this for testing purposes -- I have set up some scripts
> to handle commit commands using the "loginfo" and "commitinfo" files in
> repository, and I would like to have an automatic script to test them. One
> of my test cases is providing a different log message for each directory,
> and if I can't do that from the command-line then this test case has to be
> manual (at least partially - I will need to wait for the editor and enter
> the log message).
> Thanks,
> Shlomo
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