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Re: question about :local: access to repository on Windows box (USERNAME

From: Michael Peck
Subject: Re: question about :local: access to repository on Windows box (USERNAME -- ?)
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 13:47:39 -0800

I'm not exactly sure what you mean here.  If the repos is :local:, then
it's not possible to log in.  Period.

If you want to track who is using it, as you had in the subject,
%USERNAME% works as long as the user actually logged in (problem for
Win9x, because they don't require login).

After that, you put correct permissions on the repository so that only
allowed people have access.  I guess that's the closest thing to a login
when using :local:.

If this isn't what you meant, then please explain again.


"X.X." wrote:

> Hello everybody.
> I'm sorry, but i have not found yet an answer to one important
> question: how one can log in with personal user_name to the `:local:'
> repository. It's so important, because we will keep the repository
> under Windows (not on UNIX box).
> If you have any idea or a "how to" link, write me, please.
> Thank you
> Best regards, Alexei Lyubimov
> PS: It seems, that in Cederqvist it is nothing about too :(

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