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Re: Branch & Merge strategies

From: Jakob Hummes
Subject: Re: Branch & Merge strategies
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 12:46:14 +0100

Paul Sander wrote:
> Brad Appleton is collecting articles documenting best SCM practices.  Take a
> look at this URL:

Yes, and they are really readworthy.

Additionally, there's a mailing list about the patterns Brad describes
on the ACME web site: scm-patterns.

I started a thread there a week ago (and actually on this cvs list,
"Codeline organization (branches) for medium/big projects"

While I got answers or at least started a discussion on the scm mailing
list, unfortunatley people on this cvs mailing list didn't jump on the

Basically, posters from the scm mailing list advised me to not use CVS,
but other CM systems, because CVS (apparently) lacks a good merge
command, while it is supporting branching very well.

If someone comes up with a solution to the original problem using CVS, I
would be very grateful, if she could share it with the whole list.  I
also will post a solution, should I see one.

- Jakob

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