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Re: cvswrappers - case sensitivity

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: cvswrappers - case sensitivity
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 17:08:47 -0800

Doesn't the wildcard library match alternatives, like this?


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I've put a few file extensions into the cvswrappers file so that the files
get correctly entered into CVS as binary files.  However, it has recently
come to my attention that this file is case sensitive (?)  Is there a way to
tell cvs to ignore case, or do I just add every extension in there twice...
or more.


*.jpg   -k 'b'
*.JPG   -k 'b'
*.jPg   -k 'b'
*.jPG   -k 'b'
*.Jpg   -k 'b'
*.JPg   -k 'b'
*.JpG   -k 'b'

that's ... 7 entries for one file type.  Is there a better way to handle
something like that?  Besides the obvious, don't use capitalized extensions,
but that sometimes happens inadvertently, and might not be noticed right
away.  I'd rather not have some graphic get imported wrong because of it,
and then have the original deleted before we notice the error.

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