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Re: Branch & Merge strategies

From: Kenn Humborg
Subject: Re: Branch & Merge strategies
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 22:37:52 +0000

On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 02:18:01PM -0800, Keith Beattie wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to learn more about how large projects use CVS (or whatever system
> they use) to manage their development and releases issues as they relate to
> branch management.  For example, exactly how does Linux handle branching and
> merging?  FreeBSD, XFree86, or even CVS itself?

Linux doesn't use CVS.  Linus/Alan/DaveM/et al act as human CVS servers :-)

> Anyone have some references or willing to explain how a specific (open or
> closed source) project solves this problem?

Take a look at


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