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Problem with remote login

From: peterl
Subject: Problem with remote login
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 08:45:30 -0000
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Apologies if this is a repeat...I don't think my first post made it.
I have CVS (1.10.8) on my linux box. Local CVS activity (add, 
commit, etc) work fine. I'm trying to set things up so a remote 
machine can connect to do an update and be brought into sync 
with the CVS server. I set up $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/passwd with 
an entry from /etc/shadow. I believe I have my firewall and xinetd 
set up correctly.  the cvs passwd file looks like:


where the password is not that of any real user on the machine.

The command I'm using on the remote machine to attempt to 
login is:

cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/usr/local/cvsroot login

...which yields this error message:

cvs [login aborted]: authorization failed: server servername 
rejected access

Any ideas? Things to try to debug? Thanks!


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