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CVS Performance

From: Cheryl Tipple
Subject: CVS Performance
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 16:51:23 -0600

It appears we have a performance problem within our CVS system.  We are
not able to make use of more then approximately 5% of the CPU on an
overall basis.  Our network bandwidth should be sufficient, we are using
100 base T, which is far from saturated.  We are using 1G port into the
file system, yet we are only able to get this small amount of
bandwidth.  Physical ram on the usage machine is 750 Meg, the program
typically uses about 60 Meg, leaving at least 50 Meg available for
expansion.  Virtual memory space available is well over 1G.  The
database we are dealing with is approximately 3 G.

Can anyone tell me if there are any settings that we might have
overlooked or any tests I can run to trace this problem?  We are also
going to try a network sniffer from our end to identify where the data
is moving.

Cheryl Tipple


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