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Re: CVS Problem

From: Rex_Jolliff
Subject: Re: CVS Problem
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 09:27:19 -0800

You Wrote:
>I'm having trouble using CVS. I will check out files, edit them, and commit
>them. It gives them a new version number (no error comes up), but the files
>are not updated. If I go to the CVS repository and look at the file there,
>it's the old version not the one I just modified. Has anyone seen this

Your respository (with the exception of the CVSROOT control directory) should
only contain version control files (files that end with ,v).  If you are
looking in the repository and seeing normal files only, then you are not
looking in the respostory.  If you are seeing both version controlled files
and normal files, then either someone has checked out the repository on top
of itself, or someone has copied the normal files on top of the repository
structure, and neither of these things were a good idea.


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