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ANNOUNCE: cvssupport alpha released

From: Laird Nelson
Subject: ANNOUNCE: cvssupport alpha released
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 16:20:32 -0500

I've put a first shaky release of my cvssupport project up on
SourceForge.  Consider it an alpha release.

cvssupport is a suite of perl modules and associated scripts that adapt
the *info/verifymsg interfaces to perl objects.  Write perl plugins
instead of odd *info-fired scripts.

The release ships with an XML-based access control list plugin that
allows you to prevent checkins based on filename regex patterns,
previous revision regex patterns, sticky tag regex patterns, date
patterns, or any combination of the above.  You install this plugin and
then write an access control list that adheres to the DTD at

The release is available at

The guts of this release are fully functional and have test cases, but
be forewarned that:

1. The documentation is incomplete
2. Examples of ACLs are sorely needed
3. Installation is still a bear and a half; **READ THE README FILE!**
4. The version number may go through a couple of hiccups to better
indicate what its real status is
5. Performance is not and never has been a high-priority goal

There will be (is) a mailing list set up (not fully set up yet) called,
I think, address@hidden once I can figure out
SourceForge's mailing list setup incantations.  :-)

Any and all feedback welcomed and encouraged, especially via personal
mail to address@hidden


W: address@hidden / P: address@hidden
Good, cheap, fast: pick two.

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