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Re: Comparison between CVS and ClearCase

From: David H. Thornley
Subject: Re: Comparison between CVS and ClearCase
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 10:05:54 -0600

"Pikus, Nikolay" wrote:
> Hi
> We are going to insert CM system to our company.
> May be somebody can send me comparison between Rational ClearCase and CVS
> (with WinCvs).
> Thanks
> Nikolay
In November 1999, there was a long discussion here about Clearcase
vs. CVS.  I saved about 45K of it and sent it to my wife (her
workplace was considering how to go at the time - I don't remember
exactly what they did but it wasn't CVS), and I could send it
to you personally if you wanted (*not* to the list).  The discussion
did continue after I stopped saving it.

Alternatively, you could look at the
archive and see what you can find.

There's going to be a certain CVS bias to what was written, but
somebody apparently already recommended a ClearCase vs. competition
website (which didn't come up for me) so that's likely from a
ClearCase bias.  It should even out, more or less.

The general attitude was that CVS was a lot cheaper.  It didn't
do some of what ClearCase did - IIRC, managing directories was
a big win for ClearCase - but most of the important stuff.  There
was some disagreement over the administrative demands.  One person
thought that CVS cost about as much as ClearCase when you factor
in administrative costs, but most of us CVS admins have not had
nearly the trouble he reported.  There was some debate over how
much of an administrative burden ClearCase was.

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