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Re: Proposal to fix CVS binary file implementation

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Proposal to fix CVS binary file implementation
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 09:21:33 -0500

Paul Sander wrote:

> >--- Forwarded mail from address@hidden
> >Paul Sander wrote:
> >> Oh yeah, there's that problem where different versions might contain
> >> different types of data.  Again, files containing different types of
> >> data should have different version histories.  Unfortunately, CVS in
> >> its current form requires a unique mapping between version histories
> >> and working files, so people use it improperly because they have no
> >> alternative that meets more pressing requirements.
> >There is the example of, say, GIF to JPEG.  That could be considered 
> >mergable with
> >a proper tool.
> In that case, create a generic "graphic" type that you can use to store
> either GIF or JPEG images, and invoke the proper merge tool.

You'd get more flexibility from the system that allows arbitrary data types.  
Then a
plugin or an application can register with merge types it can handle.  e.g. 
JPEG", "GIF, GIF", & "BMP, GIF", ... (of course a more succinct syntax is 
desireable, e.g. "[GIF,JPEG,BMP],[GIF,JPEG,BMP]->[JPEG,BMP]").  Another 
could then register with types including PNG, JPEG, and BMP, w/o GIF and the 
could be offered a choice when two applications were found that could handle a 

Using existing Mime types &/or extensions is probably best.


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I will return the seeing-eye dog.
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