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Locking cvs files using tkcvs

From: Ben Keating
Subject: Locking cvs files using tkcvs
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 16:48:57 -0600

I'm working in CVS 1.9 (over rcs 5.7) for OO project management.  On Solaris
2.6, using tkCVS 6.3, I've locked a file.  The lock works, as in nobody else
can edit the file, however, I cannot edit it anymore either.   I cannot
unlock it either, not even directly in the repository.  Any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.  Also, when using tkCVS 6.3, scenario:
Developer A is modifying a file in working copy, Developer B modifies the
same file in his working copy, then commits it.  Developer A now needs a
merge.  Doing a diff shows that Developer B has modified in a differing spot
than A.  However, the merge loses Developer A's changes and updates Dev. A's
file to look like the latest version in repository.  Could the automation be
smoother and less destructive?  I deeply appreciate any explanations or
advice as I am still learning CVS and UNIX. 

Thanks again,
Ben Keating
McCleodUSA, Inc.

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