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The recursive behavior of CVS

From: Reinstein, Shlomo
Subject: The recursive behavior of CVS
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 06:52:12 -0800


Can anyone explain to me the recursive behavior of CVS? To be more precise,
can anyone explain to me how CVS determines whether it should go into a
subdirectory and continue to run there or not?

Here were have arbitrary directory structures of sources checked-out from
CVS. The sources in any single directory tree can belong to various CVS
projects, even from various CVS repositories. In other words, CVS projects
are mixed in each tree, in a way that is the most convenient for us to work
with them.
For example, we can have a tree as follows:

where each of 'project1', 'project2', 'project3' may be checked-out from a
different repository.
I found out that when running CVS commands like "diff", "log" (as well as
most other recursive commands) from the "/root" directory, sometimes the
command also runs in 'project3' and sometimes it doesn't. I couldn't figure
out how CVS decides whether it should go into a sub-directory or not.
Basically, since we normally check-out projects in such trees, I would like
to write some tool that will extend the recursive behavior of CVS by
checking which working directories in the tree CVS is going to ignore and
then running CVS separately also on these directories.


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