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Re: Is the group still alive

From: Ashley M. Kirchner
Subject: Re: Is the group still alive
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 15:04:42 -0700

Vince Rice wrote:

> Not that it would make any difference; email
> delivery doesn't say "hmmm, free email account, nope,
> I'm not delivering this message."

    No, but from experience, I've seen many web-mail based services
refuse to accept email for whatever stupid reason or another.  I have
several mailing lists on any number of servers that I run and I receive
bounces on a daily bases from places like yahoo, aol, excite, etc., etc.
Where I never get any problems from people that have a real ISP address.

    Anywho, this list isn't for this type of discussion.


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