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Re: CVS and PreservePermissions

From: Jim Kingdon
Subject: Re: CVS and PreservePermissions
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 12:46:55 -0500 (EST)

(a question that came to me privately, response CC'd to info-cvs)

> It seems that there are some problems with PreservePermissions code in CVS
> 1.10 and that the feature has been completely disabled for CVS 1.11


> I'll be willing to help in order to get this working

Excellent!  That's all it takes, a programmer with a little time.

> Do you happen to remember how the PreservePermissions code fits in
> with the rest of CVS?

It should be easy to find.  The code which parses CVSROOT/config
(parseinfo.c) sets a global variable which then it tests every time
that the code is actually used.  And the code is also in #ifdef
PRESERVE_PERMISSIONS_SUPPORT (still in 1.11 and development sources,
just not enabled).

To make it work well enough to re-enable, you just need to fix the
hard link code (or disable the hard link code, if you just want the
rest of PreservePermissions).  I think there is probably a test case
(or hint at one) buried somewhere in or you can just play
with it enough a bit - you should hit the hard link bug quickly enough.

> Would you mind pointing me to any documentation that might
> explain it, or shed some light on how it's supposed to work.

Well, cvs.texinfo describes the intended behavior, and I'm pretty sure
doc/RCSFILES describes the extensions to the RCS file format.

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