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Re: commit mail

From: jeeva_sar
Subject: Re: commit mail
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 00:03:36 -0000
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In my last message I had asked about sending a single commit message 
for several commits.I was told to look at the log_accum2 and 
commit_prep2 scripts. I want to do something like this without 
modifying the above files(as I may mess up totally)
In the loginfo, send the commit output to another file and append the 
messages in that file till the commit count reaches 10 and once it 
reaches 10 ,then mail that file to the mailing list.Then from the 
next commit,it should overwrite the previous messages in the 
file.This should repeat for every 10 commits.Is it at all possible?
This is just an idea.But I am unable to direct the commit message to 
another file.I gave the following
>> /usr/home/jeeva/test1/CVSROOT/
Once I commit,I am getting the message 'no -m mail recipient 
specified'.And the file is blank.Can anyone help here?

Thanks a lot,
Jeeva Sarma

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