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-kk and -kb aren't getting along

From: Mental
Subject: -kk and -kb aren't getting along
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 12:38:42 -0500
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I apologize in advance if this has already been answered but so far
searches on google have not supplied an answer. And I havent seen this
specificly addressed in the archives. Alhto I do confess to not having
endless amounts of time to spend looking.

I'm currently involved in a project where we're using CVS to manage code
and content for a website. There's a fair number of us working on it, and
in order to make it easier to get enhancements/bug fixes out, we've taken
to branching the code on a per-bugset/enhancement basis. Developing the
fix, testing it, then merging the stable code back into the HEAD. After a
code merge to the HEAD, developers working on a branch merge the HEAD back
into their branch. It keeps all branches up to date with the latest code
and so far has been a decent aproach to managing things.

We're using cvs 1.10 on solaris. The issue is that some of the content is
binary. I setup the cvswrappers so that the commonly added binary files
get added with the -kb sticky options.

The problem, is that when you merge, the keywords usually conflict. We'd
taken to merging the trunk back into branches witha  command like
cvs update -kk -dP -j HEAD. It (as I'm sure you all know) resolves the
keyword issue. It also destroys the -kb sticky options on binary files. So
for now, to avoid breaking the binarys we're not using the -kk switch when
we merge code and resolving the resulting $Header$ conflicts ourselves.

The real questions I have are:

1. Is there a way to make the -kb stay. For good.

If thats not an option:

2. Would it be acceptable to use -kk to merge the code, then use a shell
script to use the cvs admin command to reset the binary flag on the files
that need it? 

I dont fully understand the order that cvs diff's the files. As long as I
dont wind up with corrupted jpg's/pdf's whatever, then option 2 is
acceptable since code merges are fairly infrequent and it would be very
easy to acommodate.

I'll be reviewing the Cederqvist manual to see if its a matter of my brain
not being fully engaged before launching MUA, but in the interim I would
tremendously appreciate any help given.



"You are not special. You are not a
beautiful or unique snowflake. You are
the same decaying organic matter as
everything else."

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