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Re: commitinfo and file content

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: commitinfo and file content
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 09:55:19 -0500

If I remember correctly, the script run from commitinfo should be able to
find the referenced files in `pwd`.


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I will not fake seizures.
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Chad Miller wrote:

> Hi, all.
> Cederqvist notes in sec C.4 that commitinfo can be used to enforce coding
> standards, but I've yet to find any example of how one might do that.
> I've come up with the program that commitinfo references using RCS
> directly,
>   co -p $file+",v"
> , but that seems awfully ugly (and not exactly correct).  Does anyone
> have working code to show of commitinfo peeking in the files to be
> committed?
> (My particular goal is to use CVS to keep named's zone files, and ensure
> parsability during commit, so after a commit I can export a new tree, and
> refresh DNS info without worrying about bad files.)
>                                                 - chad
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