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Re: cvs history error...

From: Robert Bresner
Subject: Re: cvs history error...
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 19:54:05 -0500

Larry Jones wrote:
>Are you sure the server is running CVS 1.10.8
>and not some earlier version?  

Pretty sure. 
I have this alias:
        alias cvs='/usr/local/ultra/cvs-1.10.8.stripped'
I have this in my home dir:
        lrwxrwxrwx   1 rbresner staff         
                36 Dec 11 16:15 cvs -> /usr/local/ultra/cvs-1.10.8.stripped

Also, when I tried doing CVS history commands with the older cvs (1.9.x)
it would die immediately with "out of memory" errors. 
With 1.10.8, the history command will sit for a long long while trying
to get through our history, then it will die with the signal 11.

> How much virtual memory do you have available on the server?
There is 256MB memory, 1GB virtual memory.
The history file is 619918470 bytes.


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