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Re: CVS + ssh == hack

From: TC
Subject: Re: CVS + ssh == hack
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 12:08:36 -0800

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Date: December 14, 2000 5:08 AM
Subject: CVS + ssh == hack

>I was looking for a secure cvs solution a while back
>and came across the cvs+ssh howtos. However it seemed
>a fairly nasty, if workable solution.
>I found a much better one however in the form of the
>sslserver patch (for the client) and sslwrapper (for
>the server)
>You get all the ease of use of pserver with security
>and without messing about with 'sleeping beauty' shells.
>I'd love to see the patch make it into the main cvs
>tree. Are any of the developers interested?
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