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RE: loginfo - keeping a checked out copy

From: Kelleigh Moulton
Subject: RE: loginfo - keeping a checked out copy
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 10:03:13 -0500

Thank you.

Actually, I figured out the problem...if I put both the call to
(which should go first) and the cvs update in parens, it works.

thanks all,


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> From: Derek R. Price [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2000 9:32 AM
> To: address@hidden
> Cc: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: loginfo - keeping a checked out copy
> The script relies on some of hte information which you are
> slurping and writing out with the 'cat' following 'date' below.  The
> solution is to call an intermediate script which reads in stdin and
> writes it out to two separate child processes (below, the 
> simple echo to
> the log &  Alternately, you could hack to write to the
> text log as well as to send the mails.
> Derek
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> Derek Price                      CVS Solutions Architect ( )
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Always glad to share my ignorance - I've got plenty.

address@hidden wrote:

> I'm having a bit of difficulty with loginfo
> we're set up to have our webpages update automatically when a checkin
> is done - I've got that working (from Cedarqvist). I also use the
> to send the CVS commit mails out.
> Is there some way to have both actions perform for one checkin?
> At first I could only get either the updates or the mail. Now I get
> the update and mail, but it doesn't seem to be coming from the
> as it's only giving the directory the change was made and the author.
> It's not giving the modified filename or the comments.
> here's the line out of my loginfo file:
> ^docs ((date; cat; (sleep 2;
> cd /workspace1/cvstree/docs; /usr/local/bin/cvs -q update -d) &)
> >> /workspace1/cvstree/docs/updatelog.txt 2>&1
> ; $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/ %s -u ${USER} -m address@hidden  -f
> $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/docs.log  -s)
> what am I doing wrong?
> ADVthanksANCE,
> Kelleigh

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